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Losing Weight Safely And Naturally

We’ve all seen the weight loss commercials selling solutions such as exercise equipment, exercise DVDs, weight loss meal plans with monthly fees, weight loss pills and fitness club memberships. The great news is, you don’t really need to spend a fortune to shed weight. By simply making changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can achieve your weight loss goals. Here are some simple tips;

Supercharge Your Metabolism
First of all, you have to eat more. Doesn’t make sense right? I know, but actually eating 6 meals a day will put your metabolism on overdrive. Each time you eat, you actually stimulate your metabolism. You will burn your excess fat when you supercharge your metabolism.

Weight Training
Start lifting weights if you’re not already including weight training in your weight loss program. Lifting weights will help you build muscle, which in turn will raise your resting metabolism. You can burn an extra 100 calories a day just by gaining 5 pounds of muscle.

For women, You do not have to worry about bulking up, since you don’t have the same level of testosterone as your male counterparts.

Cut Your Sugar Intake
Get rid of sodas. Many of us get a lot of sugar from the sodas, sweet tea, sweetened coffee, and other sugary drinks we consume. It is best to give up these drinks completely. Clean out your pantry. If you can’t easily find sugary foods, you will be less likely to eat them, right?

Reach for fruits
Fruits can sometimes help us conquer a sugar craving. Choosing a fruit over a candy bar may not be easy, but in the long run you will feel better for doing it. Check the labels. Things don’t have to taste sweet to have these extra calories lurking. Reading the ingredients can often help you find things like high fructose corn syrup or other hidden sugars before you bring it into your home.

Avoid These 3 Foods
1. Make processed foods your greatest enemy. Processed foods are the foods that you find in the middle of your local supermarket. Most of them are canned or pre-packaged. This is usually a great option for people who do not have the time to cook, which is why they sell so well. However, there are many chemicals that have been used to preserve them. These chemicals comes with their own side effects. It’s healthier and safer to eat natural and perishable foods that are available at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

2. Avoid fried foods. This includes fries and many of the fatty foods that you find in your favorite fast food restaurants.

3. Avoid caffeinated drinks including coffee, dark tea, and popular power drinks. It is best if you can drink pure plain water. Caffeinated drinks tamper with your metabolism, which interferes with burning your excess fat.


2 responses to “Losing Weight Safely And Naturally

  1. jorossiter June 20, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Some good tips there. Since I’ve been on my diet I’ve cut out all processed foods. It’s been really tough since I’ve practically lived on ready meals for years and finding the time to cook was a challenge but ultimately it’s been really rewarding and the food I’m eating now is much healthier and tastier. I tend to cook big batches at a time so I can freeze the rest and have my own-made frozen ready meal when I’m pushed for time.

  2. elisabethlhines August 1, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Permanent weight loss is possible. You are on the right track.

    Congratulations on your determination and successes.

    There are so many factors involved in weight management that many people do not understand. Eating healthy, reducing your calorie intake and burning more calories are important first steps. Then it’s time to look at additional weight loss and management strategies.

    I work with clients who have weight challenges and use a holistic approach to help them to achieve their weight loss goals.

    I did a post on my blog yesterday where you might find some additional useful information in your quest.

    Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.
    Holistic Wellness Practitioner

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