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How many days has it being since I become vegetarian? I really lost count…

Ok, I admit it. I took a little meat here and there. Had another piece of fish cake. And a fish burger. The day before, I ate chicken rice. 😛 But I also resisted 6 pieces of tempting chicken nuggets. Sometimes when you are outside, it is very hard not to eat meat at food stalls and fast food joints. Like yesterday, I was staring at the McDonald’s menu. I think there is no full meal that is vegetarian. Sure you can eat the fries, the side salad, desserts ( apple pie, ice cream, apple dips ) but why no veggie burger? Burger King is no better either. Maybe you can eat the onion rings.

The only fast food joint that offer a vegetarian burger is probably MOS Burger. At least they have veggie burger ( potato patty ). Plus a few more choices of salad, big chunky chips, curry crouqette ( potato ).

As far as the yoga practice is concerned, I do not feel any difference. But I feel more sleepy… I am guessing is the intake of more carbohydrates like bread, noodles and rice. Anyway, figuring out what to eat for lunch is really a big headache. But I am currently in the vegetable miso soup phase. Really yummy and filling and it’s not heavy. No oil used! Miso is a soybean based paste that originates from Japan. It is often used in Japanese cooking and it is good for the body!

Here is my Hearty Veggie Miso Soup recipe :
Hearty Veggie Miso Soup

miso ( large grain types… which is not too salty plus it gives the soup a nice body )
a quarter of tofu – this is the protein in the meal
some mushrooms – I use straw mushrooms but you can use any type you want
vegetarian meat – you need to get this from the shops, I got the “mutton” balls
half a carrot – cut into thin slices ( to cook through fast )
a few leaves of cabbage – chopped into strips ( gives the soup a sweetness… )
spring onions – chopped
Optional – pieces of crackers

Boil water in the sauce pan. Dissolve the miso ( taste the saltiness to make sure you do not add too much miso ) in the boiling water. Add the carrots. Cook until carrot softens. Then add in the cabbage. Also cook until the cabbage softens. Then add in the rest of the ingredients like tofu, mushrooms and vegetarian meat. Put to full boil.

Serve in a bowl with the spring onions sprinkled on top.

Goes great with a piece of buttered toast too…

But I do find that it is getting easier. It was much like 6 years ago when I gone off pork. Since then I have not taken pork consciously and have not missed it at all… ( ok I lied… I do miss bacon… but it is a good loss… helped me shaved off a whopping 5 kg ). I was talking to a yoga friend who made a suggestion that made sense to me – allow one or two meals a week to take meat.

What do you think?


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