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Power Juicing : A Healthy Way to lose Weight

English: Yellow and green Bell peppers, North ...

English: Yellow and green Bell peppers, North End market, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I took this photograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like a match made in heaven: juicing and weight loss. Medical doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts all agree. The fastest route between your current weight and the shedding of those extra pounds is through a field of fruits and vegetables. They will help you to lose weight healthily and fast.

But try as you might, an afternoon snack of baby carrots, green bell peppers, and an apple doesn’t grab you as much as your favorite candy bar. That’s exactly where juicing comes in to save your diet. You can receive plenty of fruits and vegetables and the all important nutrients they hold, as a freshly juiced drink. It has the advantage of keeping you feeling full, and (get this!) reducing your craving for that candy bar.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a research study dealing revealing that a low metabolic rate was intimately linked to a low consumption of nutrients. Not only that, both of these were associated with a larger waistline. Now, let’s take this one step further. A larger waistline, in time, is a biomarker for an increased risk of developing heart disease. The good news is that all fruits and vegetables trump processed, packaged foods when it comes to weight loss.

Think you might want to take the plunge of juicing to lose weight? Here’s one recipe that can kick-start your diet.  This juice will work wonders at helping you lose those unwanted pounds. And you’ll enjoy every drop of it, too! What an awesome combination!

5 carrots
1 apple
½ cucumber
½ beet
1 stalk of celery

Place the produce in your juicer. Juice and Enjoy. If you think this juice needs a bit of a zing, add fresh ginger to taste! Juicing offers you the chance to lose weight and the opportunity to restore a host of other health disorders. Once you start, you’ll be amazed where this fantastic practice can lead!


Nutrition & Weight Loss :Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods That You Should Avoid

In order to avoid gaining weight you have to recognize what’s making you gain weight, then we have to stop doing those things that are caused this and you can finally addressed how do you start losing weight. In this article I am going to list ten most obesity causing foods. If you are trying to lose weight, it is really a good idea to start eliminating these foods from your diet as much as you possibly can.

1. White bread

White bread comes from flour that has been refined and bleached. Most of the nutrients and fiber in the bread are completely gone. Without fiber it’s actually not going to fill you out this much. It’s going to cause your blood sugar to spike and you’re going to feel hungry again sooner. Most of the the bread that comes out when we order a sandwich or anything like that, is plain white flour. White Bread are an obesity causing bread because it is empty calories that doesn’t contain nutrition. It doesn’t contain any fiber and oftentimes it also contains sugar or high fructose corn syrup or something like that in addition. So if you can cut out white bread in favor of one hundred percent whole wheat breads are really your best option. It will be a huge step to stopping yourself from continuing to gain weight so that you can actually started to lose weight

2. Cereal

Cereal is one of those foods that most people turns to for breakfast. Again it doesn’t contain a whole lot of nutrition. Even if it says it’s a whole grain, you really need to look and make sure that it is really one hundred percent whole grain because oftentimes the cerials that were eating in the morning causes blood sugar spikes as they have all the sugar that’s going to cause us to store fat. Cereals doesn’t actually going to sustain us or keep us filled up. we’re going to be feeling hungry again sooner. Try to cut out the sugary cereals especially first thing in the morning. Eat fruits in the morning or maybe a whole grain oatmeal.

3. Diet or Low-fat Foods

Some other food or pretty much any food that’s out there on the market has also another one sold next to it that’s the diet or no sugar or low fat version of the other food. The reason that these foods are on my list of obesity causing foods is because they generally contain a chemical additives or chemical flavors so that they can get away with taking out the real sugar and putting in an artificial sweetener that is usually more detrimental to our health. This foods doesn’t really and truly helping us to lose weight, instead they are gonna make us hungrier later. They’re actually just contributing more to obesity. You’re going to be way better off to just actually have a natural fruit or vegetable instead of the diet version of some other food

4. Fried Chicken

I love Chicken as much as the next person does, but this is really really bad food if you are trying to lose weight. You’ve got rancid oil that they’re cooking the chicken and a really really high temperature which has it’s own health implications. You’ve got a refined flour that they’re breading the chicken with and then once you’ve actually deep fried that chicken, most of their nutritional content in it is killed by that extremely high heat. The healthy alternative is always going to be baked chicken or whatever it may be. Baked chicken is always going to be way healthier. Fried foods are one of the absolute worst offenders. If we can cut out fried  chicken and other fried foods in our diets in favor of the baked alternatives that will be a big plus.

5. Sugary Coffee and other flavored drinks

Sugary coffee drinks are really all over the place now. You’ve take a cup of coffee then you add in a whole bunch of cream a whole bunch of sugar, that drink has eight hundred calories or more. You’ve just had a drink that’s half of your calories for that day. These different coffee drinks and other flavored drinks are really a source of a lot of hidden calories. We don’t even realize how many calories we’re consuming when we have them. My tip is if your coffee drinker, enjoy your coffee by itself, or maybe you add a little sugar and cream in your coffee and then enjoy your sugary treats on their own. When you’re compounding the caffeine and sugar your really kind of waging a war on your body and really going to make it hard to be losing weight. If you’re on a diet or trying to lose weight but you’re still taking these foods you are just making it harder to achieve your goal.

6. Candy

Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)

I love candies as much as the next person does that but we’re kind of in a day and age where people are really hungry and so they’re reach for a candy bar or throughout the day they just munch on candy all day or you have a you know bowl of candy on your desk and you just kind of eat all day and you don’t really even realize how much you are eating that can be of course it’s kind of a no brainer in terms of being obesity causing. a lot of sugar a lot of fat, who knows what all kinds of different additives and other food chemicals that candies may contain. Don’t reach for candy when you’re hungry, reach for fruit. This is  probably the most easy thing  as not much preparation involved. Bringing fruit or vegetable slices with you could be a really good way when you’re in a situation and you’re really starving and usually stop by the vending machine to get a candy bar you actually reach for a fruit or a slice of vegetables instead. This is going to be a huge step to losing weight and stopping you from gaining weight.

7. French Fries

DQ french fries

DQ french fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

French fries starts with the potato which is not a very nutrient dense food. When you look at nutritional density of different vegetables potato is actually pretty low on the list and then you’re deep frying it. french fries are one of the worst offenders also because we eat them all the time. We usually eat them in conjunction with another food that has a whole lot of calories as well. My tip is if you  are still eating in fast food restaurants which i’d recommend not doing especially if you are trying lose weight. But if you are, go ahead and order your food without the french fries, just get your burger or whatever and don’t order the fries. Usually you’re going to be filled up by just the burger alone. Lower price are kinda added bonus. Yes we all love them myself included. If you’re watching your weight, eliminating this food would be a really really good step into the right direction

8. Pastries

Doughnuts and other confectionery delights are the next foods that i want to address. Now at this point you’ve probably noticed that most of the foods on my list contain a lot of sugar or a lot of high fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners, all of these things that spike your blood sugar are going to cause weight gain in the body.Once you’ve eaten something really sugary, your body is flooded with insulin trying to deal with all that sugar and there’s a certain point where there’s only so much sugar yourselves can use at one time and all of that excess sugar get stored as fat. All of these things contribute to weight gain and recognizing that spiking your blood sugar is causing a gain weight. It will really kind of maybe bring some clarity to while these different foods are on my list and help you understand why do you want to avoid those foods if you’re trying to lose weight

9. Potato Chips

Potato chips are basically french fries that got packed step, cuts and preservatives added to them so they could last for a while. Packaged and shipped up add to you so can enjoy them later. so again you’re taking a potato which doesn’t have a whole lot of nutrition to begin with and then your deep frying it and packaging it for longer shelf life. Another way to tay that would be that their empty calories and empty calories are fatty calories your body can’t use. This applies not only to potato chips but also to corn chips and any kind of chip that you get in a bag is usually not gonna have a whole lot of nutrition in it. It contains a lot of fat from all of the different oils in the chip. In that way that it’s empty calories and it’s causing you to gain weight. It’d be way better off on having some fruits or vegetables especially since you’re pairing it with another food you’re eating it in conjunction with something else already. By eliminating potato chips in favor of fruits and vegetables, is going to be a really good option if you’re watching your weight.

10.Soda Pop

Last in my list of obesity causing food is not actually a food, it’s Soda. By drinking soda, you’re taking refined corn syrup and sticking it in a can so that you can immediately consume all the empty calories that turns into fat when you consume them. Soda is the number one most purchase grocery item in the US. That means a lot of people are drinking a lot of soda and that this is just one of the worst offenders in terms of weight gain or spike in our blood sugar. It has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever and again we’re usually consuming them with our meal which has its own deal. soda has no nutritional density, only contributing to weight gain if you can realized that soda pop equals weight gain and start eliminating sodas or replacing it with water as much as you possibly can that would be great. You really don’t want to be consuming soda if you’re trying to lose weight. Again, even the diet sodas are not going to contribute to help you shed excess fats

Weigh Loss : Secrets to Losing weight and Keeping It Off For Good

I’m gonna tell you the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off for good. Arming you with the information you need to become a calorie and fat burning machine. Whether you’re a season fad or just someone who is ready to take the first step. With all the hype out there we keep seeming to ignore the obvious, that we need to use less calories and we burn at a moderate level of physical activity to our daily routine. Even if it’s just taking a walk doing some yoga or going for a swim. Now expensive pills and surgery are only short term solutions, they don’t inspire change their risky and they don’t give you any more energy.

Now i know what you’re thinking you don’t have enough time to monitor your diet and exercise and those always seem to be the biggest obstacles but the irony in this is when you give your body the right fuel and that’s a moderate exercise your daily routine you’ll get a lot more done in a lot less time, you’ll actually free up more time to spend with family and friends and will have the energy to enjoy it because it’s not just about losing weight it’s about feeling good about the little things and being more efficient and productive and whatever choice of professions we do even doing tedious repetitive tasks like laundry and going grocery shopping can become much more enjoyable experiences when your body feels good you get a lot more enjoyment out of everything you learn to love. But despite commonness, calorie counting isn’t the answer. Denying yourself carbs or anything for that matter isn’t the answer, either and eating less isn’t necessarily the answer. You need to be eating a lot more to make this work in order to keep your metabolism at peak performance there are few simple tweaks that you need to make to start losing fat immediately

Weight Loss: Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself

Weight loss is not hard, difficult or impossible. But a simple matter of knowing how. Here’s a small sample of the hundreds of diet-free weight loss tips that can make weight loss fast, easy and comfortable. I sincerely hope this information helps you achieve what you want most. A new, healthy, trim, attractive figure.

Let’s begin with the 29 pound Snickers bar. A 2.07 ounce, 280 calorie, regular size Snickers candy bar. Eat 1 of these everyday for a year and you gain 29 pounds. Eliminate 1 Snickers from your daily diet, don’t replace those calories and lose 29 pounds in a year. The average American drinks 225 soft drink calories everyday. If you’re the average and eliminate those calories, you lose 23 pounds in 12 months. Eliminate only 1 soda per day and lose 15.6 pounds in 12 months. Eliminate 2 sodas and lose 31 pounds. 3 sodas and you lose 47 pounds. 4 sodas and you lose 62 pounds. 5 sodas and you lose 78 pounds. Get rid of 6 sodas a day for a year, don’t replace those calories and you lose an amazing 93 pounds in 12 short months. No diet required. Mathematical fact.

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half.

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or how about this. Eliminate a paltry 2 ounce serving of potato chips everyday and lose 33 pounds in one year. 2 ounces of potato chips has 320 calories. One 6 ounce filet mignon has 260 calories. Which would you prefer? Which would be more satisfying? And besides, no one eats only one serving of potato chips. We devour 2 or 3 or more servings when we eat chips. And if you add dip to your chips, you double the calorie devastation. Now, let’s look at McDonald’s Big Mac, large fry and large soft drink totalling 1,350 calories. Compare the Big Mac meal with McDonald’s original hamburger old school meal at 590 calories. That’s a 760 calorie difference. Make this simple exchange everyday for a year and lose 79 pounds. Make this exchange only once per week and you lose 11 pounds. Do it 3 times per week and lose 33 pounds. Either way, no diet required. Various estimates say the average American consumes between 350 to 650 calories a day in sweetened drinks like, lattes, soda, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages. Replace those calories with a zero calorie, unsweetened iced tea and lose 36 and 67 pounds respectively. Again, no starve and sweat die required.

Now let’s add 3 teaspoons of sugar to the iced tea for a 12 ounce drink of 48 calories. Compared to a 150 calorie 12 ounce soda. That’s a 102 calorie difference. Make this simple exchange 3 times a day and you lose 31 pounds in 12 short months. Most people don’t realize one pound of muscle burns 70 calories per day. While a pound of fat only burns 3 calories. Replace 5 pounds of fat with 5 pounds of calorie gobbling muscle and burn an automatic 335 calories per day. Or the yearly equivalent of 35 pounds lost. Again, no diet required.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. To lose one pound of weight you must reduce or burn 3500 calories. 3500 calories equals one pound of weight. For every 100 calories you reduce from your daily diet you lose 10 pounds. So, reduce 100 calories a day and lose 10 pounds per year. Reduce 200 calories and lose 20 pounds, reduce 300 calories and you lose 30 pounds and so one. So, let’s see what 100 calories and 300 calories look like 100 calories of chips, about 10 chips 100 calories of crunchy peanut butter, 1 tablespoon 100 calories of blue cheese dressing, 1 tablespoon That’s 300 calories right there – 10 chips, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of salad dressing. 100 calories of grape juice, 6 ounces 100 calories of pancake syrup, 1 tablespoon 100 calories of McDonald’s fries, about 8 fries 100 calories of a Snickers bar, 1 big bite. Now here are the facts. Reduce 100 calories at every meal for a total of 300 calories per day, and you lose 31 pounds in a years time. Genuine weight loss, pure and simple. Inarguable mathematical fact.

Tips for Teens- Ways to Lose Weight.

English: Glass of cola

English: Glass of cola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things is teenagers who want to lose weight. Honestly tips for teenagers that want to lose weight is get up and move. I really wouldn’t suggest a teenager alter their diet a whole lot, you know you have the rest of your life to try to diet and lose weight and don’t start so young. Moving you know making yourself a goal of exercising, getting out of your house at least a half hour a day whether walking a dog, walking with some friends, going on a bike ride. Getting out of the house and turn off the tv and the video games for a few minutes. And when you are young and still a teenager your metabolism is still really good and burning, it just requires you to maybe cut back a little bit on the sugar and the soda pop and the sweets and get out of the house and move. You know we don’t move enough in school anymore, you don’t have recess anymore, your gym class for half hour a day where most of it is getting ready doesn’t count. So just get out of your house and make a point to move every day.